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Take a look at a few of my client's progress and testimonials

For years I’d led a sedentary life, married to a desk and a computer between 80hr work weeks and full time school and knew that I would need extra help getting my body active againJust 2 weeks prior to my 41stbirthday and the very week I graduated from college, I scheduled my initial consultation with Roxy. I budgeted 6 months toward training with the intention of gathering as much knowledge as possible to carry forward with me. I knew Roxy was the personal trainerwho could help me achieve my goals as soon as we met. 

She has an infectious presence that makes one want to show up and work hard; she is funny, helpful, encouraging, inspiring and a wonderful teacher with a beautiful soulShe immediately proved herself to be my cheerleader, coach and friend. In 6 months, my posture improved, my heart and ankles got stronger, my endurance improved, I gained more energy andoverall strength, as well as, gained the wealth of information I’d been wanting. For me, I was after quick physical improvement and knowledge to keep me going on my own, however, I got much more than that. 

Roxy is well versed in lots of different goal realizations such as improving flexibility and functionality for everyday living, preventing and/or treating sports related injuries, fat release and muscle gain, advancing physical abilities and helping clients break mental blocks that often hold us back from realizing such goals. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to change their life – Roxy Rocks!


                             BEFORE           AFTER (6mo)

                               BEFORE         AFTER (6mo)

I contacted Roxy for training because I hate exercise and felt the only way to lose weight was accountability. Meeting Roxy twice a week gave me the accountability I needed to stick with it. She encouraged me to eat better and even got me drinking protein shakes which I thought I would never even try, let alone enjoy. I grew up eating very unhealthy foods like fried potatoes, sodas, and lots of Little Debbie cakes. I had been doing okay on my eating habits when I started training but the exercise is what kicked me into high gear. Long gone are the days when I would get up in the morning and have a soda along with packaged peanut butter crackers for breakfast. Now I eat protein bars paired with fruit or a shake. I won't say it's been easy because it hasn't and it shouldn't be. It's hard work changing habits that have been a part of your life for years. 

I used to despise exercise. I won't say that it's my favorite thing in the world now but I do enjoy it. One of the reasons I used to hate it so much was not knowing what to do, like how many reps and if my form was correct..stuff like that. Now I am totally confident when I workout and feel a push in my body to do more, try harder. I am so psyched about all the muscles I have developed too. I have visible quads, triceps, biceps, deltoids, etc. I have never seen that kind of definition in my body before. 

Roxy's demeanor is very encouraging too. She doesn't yell at me or make me feel like I'm not doing a good enough job. If I ever feel sore in a particular area, all I have to do is tell her and we will take time to focus on that area which instantly makes me feel comfortable and gives me confidence that I won't get injured. She does push you to try your best, but it never feels forced and she really makes you feel like an old friend. 

I am so glad I hired Roxy and I firmly believe that if you are having a tough time staying motivated and knowing what to do, a personal trainer is your best bet. Even better, KNOXVILLE PERSONAL TRAINING IS YOUR BEST BET!

Ashley L.

Laura S. at 176.5lbs
Laura S. 14 months later: 139.4 lbs


I know it may sound cliché but my life has been dramatically impacted by training with Roxy.  I have been active most of my life, always involved in playing sports, enjoying the outdoors, etc., but when I moved to Tennessee to start graduate school and work full time I stopped being quite as active as I had been.  Reaching my highest weight of 176.5, even after a year of Pilates with Roxy, I decided it was time to try personal training.  When we started I was pretty surprised to hear how much I weighed, and also to learn that I was 34% body fat.  I have been training with Roxy for 14 months now, and I’ll admit that for the first six months I didn’t see very many drastic changes.  That’s because I  wasn’t taking seriously the nutrition guidelines Roxy had laid out for me.  At the start of January I made a decision to do two things…1)  start recording my food (like Roxy had shown me how to do), and 2)  train for a half marathon.  I had never been a runner before, so this was quite a nerve-wracking goal, but I thought there was no harm in trying.  By doing these things in combination with Roxy’s encouragement it allowed the weight To essentially start falling off!  Since January, I have lost 4 pants sizes down to a 6-8, about 36 pounds, and am now 27 % body fat.  It’s a wonderful feeling!  I now enjoy shopping for clothes!  I’m down to 139 and I have a goal of losing about 5 more pounds.  Goals like this don’t scare me anymore.  Oh, and I did end up running the Nashville half marathon in April in just under three hours…another goal!  I’ll close in saying that aside from all of the wonderful physical and emotional benefits to training, a completely unexpected benefit has been a new friend in Roxy.  We spend all of our hour together talking and laughing, and before you know it, it’s over!  Sure, it’s hard work and discipline, but I’ve found that then spills into all other areas of life.  

I highly recommend training with Roxy!!

Laura S.


Wendy: 138lbs (8mo later)



Roxy is awesome!


     I gained one hundred pounds during a difficult pregnancy.  After little Wyatt was old enough to go to the day care at the gym, I began the arduous task of trying to lose the weight.  As I began, I realized I had no idea how to lose weight.  I had always been slim and only needed to maintain.  I felt as though there was a huge mountain between me and any resemblance of my former self. 

     Because I was so self-conscious of my post C-section belly, a friend recommended I do a fit test with Roxy.  I was afraid of those numbers, but I went because I was so disgusted with the way I was feeling about myself.  

     Roxy never saw in me what I did.  Without trying, she made me feel comfortable and I forgot about the present status of my body and I focused on improving.  The fitness evaluation wasn’t a big ordeal, but I was completely surprised I couldn’t engage my abdominals to do a single sit-up.  Although the numbers were bad; 189 lbs with 37.3% body fat, I was encouraged to have a starting point.

     Before I began training with Roxy, I guess I expected to be sitting at some machine with orders being barked at me.  I had a lot to learn!  Each session consisted of very specific exercises designed to target long ignored muscles.  Roxy used the bosu, stability balls, free weights, bands, and personal resistance to teach me how to exercise.  Everything I learned I could then do at home.  I was seeing results fast.  Although I didn’t have tons of weight dripping off, I soon saw something very familiar.  There was a waist!  By the time we did ten session, I had lost 6 inches off my waist and nearly seven pounds without skimping on my diet since I was breast feeding.

     My stamina has improved leaps and bounds in the past 8 months!  Most recently my weight was 138.1 and my body fat was 28%.  I can now do over 25 sit ups in one minute.  I am very happy with that number and excited that it keeps increasing over time. 

     Roxy didn’t push me to the breaking point.  Instead she helped me find my personal limit and encouraged me to push myself there.  When my hour was up, I would be “glowing” in a way rad way, but not exhausted.  Most of all, I gained confidence which fuels me to keep going.  Roxy became more than an instructor.  I am honored to call her my friend.

Also, be sure to ask questions.  She has many fine, leather-bound books.


 Wendy M.

Stay Cassy!






-20lb in 6mo 

How training with Roxy has helped me:

  1. Having Roxy as a trainer has been a wonderful experience
  2. Exercising with Roxy has made me feel better about myself
  3. I have lost 20 pounds and I’m still going to lose more
  4. My body fat percentage has dropped a few points
  5. My energy level has increased tremendously
  6. My endurance level has gone up
  7. Roxy’s exercises are unique and never boring
  8. We never really use machines.  Her exercises really work and the results are great!
  9. She doesn’t stand over you and just count like some other trainers do. 
  10. She makes sure that you are doing each exercise correctly so you do not hurt your self and so that you can get the best results possible by doing exercises the correct way
  11. If you have an injury she is able to work around it and make modifications

 Trish W.


Darcy L. 


    Darcy L. 8mo later:
Lost 20 pounds, 15 inches, and 4 dress sizes

When I first started working out with Roxy, my goal was to lead a healthier lifestyle.  At the ripe age of 25, I decided that it was time that I start taking care of myself which meant both working out and eating healthily.  Everyone always says that to be successful at these two things you need a support person.  For me, Roxy became this support person.  Not only was she someone to which I had to hold myself accountable, but she also served as my guide.  She helped me figure out how to eat more healthily and helped motivate me to work out on a regular basis.


A big question for people who would like to start working out is, “Where do I start?”  Having Roxy as a personal trainer makes this easy.  She is well trained and educated and knows where to start and how to progress a good workout routine.  My routines first focused on increasing my flexibility and strengthening my core muscles.  As I became more flexible and my core became stronger, the workouts got gradually more difficult to include more cardio and toning.  For the first five months, working out for me was a chore.  I’ll admit it was not easy and I had my days where I did not want to get off my couch, but Roxy always seemed to know just what to do and say to motivate me to work a little harder.   Now, I look forward to my workouts with Roxy.


Weight loss, loss of inches and body fat, and toning all have been a steady and healthy process for me.  In eight (8) months, I have lost 20 pounds, 15 inches, 4 dress sizes, and my body fat percentage has gone from an obese category of 33% to a non-obese category of 29%.  I still have some ways to go.  I am healthier and, most importantly, I feel good about myself.  I would not have been able to do this without Roxy.


  Darcy L.

 Luke: 235lbs



Luke 7mo later:  201 lbs


My bustling life slowed down a lot after college.  I started working at a desk all day and mostly just sitting on the couch at home.  Of course I gained weight as a result.  I wasn't happy with my looks and I had high blood pressure.  I tried dieting and exercise on my own, but I didn't really know what I was doing.  I wasn't able to lose the weight I wanted to lose and I developed sleep apnea.  

Since I wasn't having very good results and my doctor was warning me that I needed to lose weight, I decided to look for a personal trainer.  It didn't take long for me to choose Roxy.  She had all the right certifications and  I didn't have to join a gym or know how to use any exercise equipment.  

Roxy has been very friendly and helpful ever since the first time we met.  She went to work right away creating  an exercise program just for me. She knew exactly what I was capable of each step of the way and didn't let me get away with slacking off.  The exercises have been different each time and I never get bored.  I have worked hard with Roxy's help and my friends and family have all noticed the difference.  I've lost 34 pounds and my blood pressure is back to normal.  My wife has noticed that I have much better posture and my sleep apnea is under control.  Roxy has taught me how to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.  I have and will continue to recommend Roxy to anybody that asks.



I have been a client of Knoxville Personal Training LLC for more than three years. I first met Roxy at her Pilates classes, but after a year I moved away from the area and was not able to attend any longer. When I decided to get serious about fitness once again, I contacted her and found that her training location was convenient to my work. We were able to decide on hours that were convenient for me so I could go directly after work.


I have worked out off and on most of my life and was so familiar with the importance of doing exercises correctly. Roxy proved to be a stickler for that point! From being sure that my form in each exercise is correct to making me move my foot "out just a little more", Roxy makes me work out harder while keeping me from injury.


When I took Pilates from Roxy I thought she was undoubtedly the meanest person in the world. I realize now that she was just trying to make us the best we can be. I'm very glad I contacted her when I needed a trainer. Of course I also have to admit to a little vanity. A friend's daughter saw pictures of me and her comment was "look at Charlotte's shoulders and arms!" Now what 68-year old woman- or any woman- wouldn't love to hear that!!!


Charlotte L.


During the past eight years I processed out of the military, had a child and was contently moving due to my husbands career. Through those years I attempted to go to a community gym, joined various workout groups, and participated in Crossfit. I was still unhappy with my body shape and my workout routine. After moving to Knoxville I decided to focus on getting back on track with my health and fitness. I came across Knoxville Personal Training online and after reading the reviews I met with trainer Roxy to express my needs and downfalls to “getting in shape.” 

Roxy took the time to help me get on a regular routine workout schedule, all while focusing on my strengths. We all have those days were our child is out of school or life gets busy, and Roxy was always willing to work around my schedule and allowed my son to attend sessions when needed so that I could always stay on track. 

She varies my workout route so that I do not get burned out and makes sure my whole body gets a workout instead of just focusing on one area. Roxy encourages eating healthy, has great recipes, and motivates you to push through your health goals.

 If you are looking for someone to help you jump-start your fitness goals I highly recommend training with Roxy! Her knowledge on personal training, exercise, and healthy eating is amazing.  I say if you are looking for a personal trainer and want to see results you should step out of your comfort zone and contact Roxy to see how she can help you!

Karen P.


156 lbs


7 mo later: 138 lbs


When I finally made up my mind to go with Roxy on the personal training, my main concern was if I would be able to do the exercises and not "fall out".   My family has a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.  And I heard from so many people, why do you want to loose weight?  You look fine.  But I could camouflage well with my clothes.  My concern was the underlying factors.  Although my blood pressure was good and my cholesterol was average, I wanted to get healthy.  So here I am, months later and feeling great and I even lost 18 lbs so far and toned up in places I never thought I would be able to loose.  I'm learning to make better decisions on food choices and my energy level has gotten better.   

The personal training sessions are geared toward your own personal goals and work is done to strengthen and improve areas that you might not realize need help, but the way Roxy works these areas, what a surprise in the end.  The exercises are diversified each week and you don't get bored with an exercise routine.  It's something I look forward to each week and enjoy the workouts.  Now how many exercise programs can you say you look forward to going to?    

My next goal is maintaining what I've managed to accomplish.  With the help of Roxy and her concern for her clients, that should be the easy part.  What a good motivator and encourager.  You may slip off the path on some days, but she guides you back to your journey.  This has been great and I highly recommend doing the personal training.  You may think it's too late, but it's never too late to get in shape and I know just the person to help you.    Take the time for yourself and let Roxy shape you into who you've always wanted to be.




Jon 255 lbs           Sarah 275 lbs


  Jon 189 lbs       Sarah 175 lbs



"Finding Roxy’s ad has been one of the best things to happen to me."

I’ve been overweight or struggling with my weight for a long time. I hit rock bottom, though, at the beginning of 2008 when I stepped on a scale and found I weighed 272 pounds.  I was overweight, tired, depressed and had very little motivation to do anything to change my life, but I knew I had to do something.

I started losing weight on my own in January of 2008 and lost about 30 pounds before calling Roxy.  Even though I had lost some weight, to say that I was out of shape when I met with her for the first time would be too generous.  Something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs was hard and I was too embarrassed to try anything but the treadmill at the gym.


So far, I’ve lost about 100 pounds and ended the year with a loss of approximately one pound per week.  Most importantly, though, my entire life has changed.  I have learned an incredible amount about fitness and health and have seen my energy level dramatically increase.  I once would have laughed if someone had told me that I’d ever work out every day, love pilates or be able to go on an 11 mile hike.  Now, I find it unbelievable that I ever lived such a sedentary life. 


While further weight loss is still a goal, I’ve found that the number on the scale doesn’t have near the impact it once had. My fitness level now drives me, and I directly attribute that to the work I’ve done with Roxy. I absolutely love exercising now that I feel comfortable and know how to do it properly.  Fortunately, the enthusiasm I gained created a trickle-down effect.  My husband started running and eating healthier meals and has lost over 50 pounds, too.


Roxy provided the supportive, educational, fun environment that I needed to get my life on track, I just had to do the work. 



                                                   Post Rehab Personal Training with Roxy


Three years ago I sustained a serious spinal cord injury as the result of a car accident.  Initially, I had no sensation or movement in my arms and legs.  With faith and a lot of hard work I regained some movement and sensation.  I spent several months in physical and occupational therapy and was concerned about continuing post rehab training.  Lucky for me I found Roxy.


We have been working together since October 2008 and I continue to see results. I cannot say enough about her knowledge and experience.  She developed a routine specifically for me focusing on core strength, flexibility, and walking and balance.  She ensures I’m using proper form and posture during our workout sessions.  I continue to see improvements in all aspects of my recovery. As a bonus several of my friends and relatives have noticed these improvements and have commented on how fit I look.  This year I completed a two mile hike in Sedona, Arizona for the first time since the accident. I’m already working with Roxy on the next goal of a four mile hike.     


Roxy is a top notch trainer who will help you reach your fitness and or post rehab goals.  She will challenge and motivate you and above all make your sessions with her beneficial and fun!




2mo later: 14lbs lost
I saw a half page article in the Fountain City Focus that had Roxy’s picture and said come as you are.  After our discussion I went on an easy diet and had hard exercise three days per week for one hour.  I am 68 years old and had never exercised before.  The whole thing was worth it because I lost 14 pounds in 10 weeks and I got to wear what I wanted to wear.  This was one on one personal training which was very nice, no on-lookers.  I now know what to eat and how to eat in moderation.  I really enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend it to any one.  And I can say from experience that Roxy really know what she’s doing and what she’s talking about.
Betty Miller


Debbie: 189.5lbs


 6mo later: 175.5lbs

When I quit smoking cigarettes the pounds gradually piled on.  I knew I should have felt better after quitting, but the added weight made me feel sluggish and lethargic.  Daily walks just wasn’t cutting it.  I knew I had to do something about my physical being. 

Roxy came to my work to ask if she could display her brochures on personal training.  I read the information and decided to give her a call.  It’s been six months and fifty sessions since I began training with Roxy.  I’m over 50 and can honestly say this is the best that I’ve felt since my 20’s.  I’ve lost 14 pounds, gained strength, flexibility, and much more toned and defined muscles.  Recently, my fifty sessions expired and Roxy asked if I wanted to continue.  After pondering it for a couple of days and inquiring about a fitness membership, I didn’t think I would be successful in staying committed to working out without Roxy so I signed up for another 50 sessions.  She is dedicated to her profession and sensitive to my needs.  However, don’t let her sweet and demure personality fool you.  She’s tougher than any bootcamp instructor you can imagine.  She’ll work your butt off! 

 Thanks Roxy– You’ve changed my life!

 Debbie H


 Elizabeth E:  171.5


1mo later 


I have never before had a personal trainer, and I truly didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that I was miserable with the way I felt and looked and had to do something about it. I randomly found a brochure of Roxy's and got started with her right away. In the first 3 weeks I lost 8 pounds! All of my clothes are now big on me and friends and family are all commenting on how great I look, and I've still got two months to go with her :)  Roxy has helped me with the safest and most effective way to work out for my body but also how to eat healthier and maintain weight loss. My endurance (cardio) has greatly improved...workouts I could barely get through at first are now easy for me. I am stronger and more flexible. I no longer get physically tired during my day to day activities and I have more energy and sleep better than ever.

    Roxy is encouraging and helpful in every way. She develops a program specifically for your body needs personal goals. I would recommend Roxy to any family member or friend without a doubt. She is knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and fun! She keeps you motivated to keep going and always has your best physical interest in mind. Having Roxy as my trainer is the best thing I've done for myself in years. It is WELL worth your time and money.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth E.


I used to be pretty fit, but for the last several years I didn’t pay much attention to my fitness and gained a bunch of weight.  

Working with Roxy, who designed a program specifically for me based on the fitness evaluation, I have lost 23 pounds in eight months and more excitingly lost 18 inches and went down 4 dress sizes.  My body fat percentage dropped 7%.  One of the best parts is seeing my muscles lengthen and grow lean and strong. My cardio level has gone up by 60%.   My energy level, flexibility, and endurance are up and most importantly my confidence has skyrocketed.  


Roxy teaches you the best moves for your body type using your own body weight and simple equipment.  She helps you learn to perform the moves correctly and makes modifications as you progress.  She also helps you make a plan to eat healthier.  Roxy actually makes working out enjoyable.



Three years ago, I had a complicated hysterectomy that resulted in significant abdominal adhesions.
Another open surgery confirmed that these adhesions are of the very thick and banded variety and they have been quite painful.  I’ve tried everything from ordinary stretches to a Chiropractor to Rolfing (a deep connective tissue massage).  While all of these avenues have been good to some degree, nothing has alleviated my pain and discomfort as much as this Pilates class.  I am more flexible than I’ve ever been before and my pain levels have decreased remarkably.  A great by-product has been that I’ve also lost inches and my stomach has toned up to the point that even my Rolfer massage therapist commented on how tight my abs are!  I so appreciate the opportunity to benefit from these sessions. 

 Thanks for everything.

Anita Rivera

    Upon celebrating my first year anniversary in Pilates classes, what a difference a year has made!!!!  When I first started, my main goal was to obtain better flexibility.  I am aware that as you age you loose a lot of that.  I feel that this has helped tremendously in my range of motion.  I’ve also noticed a change in how I stand, sit, and walk.  My posture has improved, which I’m sure has to do with strengthening my core muscles.  I feel that I can endure the workouts better now than when I started.  I try more of the advanced movements, so I’m pushing myself more and hopefully before too long will be able to accomplish more. 

    I still notice my weaknesses and work hard to build on those moves to improve my strength.  My only regret is that I didn’t measure myself before starting these exercises so I could compare the loss.  But I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit.

This has been such a positive experience this year, both physically and mentally.  Concentrating on breathing and doing the exercises helps you to forget all that is going on around you.  And sometimes you just need that!!!!!!



Roxy's pilates class is the best! It's not your mom's Pilates. I have been participating in this class for 2 1/2 years, and I never have had exercise be so fun and seen such good results. Roxy always shows modifications for people who are just beginning up to those who are more advanced, so whatever your level, you can participate. While the class can be very challenging, you can also take it at your own pace to suit your needs. Sometimes we have special classes where she uses personal training techniques. Try it if you want to change your routine!

Diane H.


I have been in Roxy's Pilates class for four years. Every class is challenging but a lot of fun. The hour passes by quickly. Roxy is very professional and knowledgeable. She's the best!

Mary K.