Reasons to Exercise

  1. Helps you lose weight
  2. Reduces your risk of coronary artery disease
  3. Reduces your risk of high blood pressure
  4. Helps relieve pain of tension head aches
  5. Helps to reduce stress
  6. Lowers your level of anxiety
  7. Helps with depression
  8. Strengthens your bones, which means less of a chance of osteoporosis
  9. Improves overall quality of life
  10. Makes your heart more efficient
  11. Improves low self-esteem
  12. Improves appearance
  13. Lowers cholesterol
  14. Improves sleep
  15. Boosts creativity
  16. Improves performance at work
  17. Increases energy level
  18. Reduces chance of developing Type II Diabetes
  19. Reduces chance of developing certain cancers
  20. Can change your life!