Pilates Testimonies


Pilates and Roxy

Three years ago, I had a complicated hysterectomy that resulted in significant abdominal adhesions.  Another open surgery confirmed that these adhesions are of the very thick and banded variety and they have been quite painful.  I’ve tried everything from ordinary stretches to a Chiropractor to Rolfing (a deep connective tissue massage).  While all of these avenues have been good to some degree, nothing has alleviated my pain and discomfort as much as this Pilates class.  I am more flexible than I’ve ever been before and my pain levels have decreased remarkably.  A great by-product has been that I’ve also lost inches and my stomach has toned up to the point that even my Rolfer massage therapist commented on how tight my abs are!  I so appreciate the opportunity to benefit from these sessions. 


Thanks for everything.

Anita Rivera


Upon celebrating my first year anniversary in Pilates classes, what a difference a year has made!!!!

When I first started, my main goal was to obtain better flexibility.  I am aware that as you age you loose a lot of that.  I feel that this has helped tremendously in my range of motion.  I’ve also noticed a change in how I stand, sit, and walk.  My posture has improved, which I’m sure has to do with strengthening my core muscles.  I feel that I can endure the workouts better now than when I started.  I try more of the advanced movements, so I’m pushing myself more and hopefully before too long will be able to accomplish more. 

I still notice my weaknesses and work hard to build on those moves to improve my strength.  My only regret is that I didn’t measure myself before starting these exercises so I could compare the loss.  But I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit.

This has been such a positive experience this year, both physically and mentally.  Concentrating on breathing and doing the exercises helps you to forget all that is going on around you.  And sometimes you just need that!!!!!!


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